Briefly in English

Background on Nero

  • Top professionals; total research experience of over 100 person-years.
  • Clients include sector leaders and their toughest challengers: Arla, Elisa, Helsingin Sanomat, LähiTapiola, Nestlé, Sanoma Magazines and VR State Railways.
  • Own top innovations: Dibidogs (over 30 million viewers), world’s first interactive augmented reality book, AR textiles and much more
  • Finland’s leading research firm focusing systematically on both creating innovation and understanding client needs.

Nero’s services

  • Qualitative and ethnographic studies. Instead of looking in the rear-view mirror or noting the present state, we target new opportunities, untapped niches and future opportunities for our clients through trailblazing research.
  • Qualitative research through listening to clients. The only method to enable those in the target group to enjoy their role as interviewees – and to reveal their genuine opinions.
  • Testing of products and services in the conceptual or completed phase. We dig up the opportunities behind the 10 first ‘no’ opinions. The more unique your idea is, the less support you’ll receive from your work community. That’s why you need help from the innovation professionals at Nero (‘Genius’).
  • ‘Visionose’ innovation. A group of Finnish top innovators with training in creativity helps you to develop remarkable new, groundbreaking innovations. As needed, we bring in our global network of innovators, which ranges from Chinese children to Brazilian fashion editors and US creativity gurus – all sparking ideas that local talents alone cannot produce.
  • ‘Weak signal’ training. We see what we look for. Nero helps you to see what you are not yet able to look for, but will need in the future – subtle early indicators of changes to come.
  • Innovation consultation. When you need to work miracles with scarce resources, or find the innovation model that will maximize productivity, specifically in your company. Don’t try to stand out from the crowd – step away from it completely. Nero shows you how.